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As the entire healthcare continuum evaluates the future of care delivery, the home care and hospice industry is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of seniors today and tomorrow.  As we look into our bright future, it is up to us as an industry to ensure that we position our organizations at the core of aging in place.  We must proactively ensure that home care and hospice providers are among those at the center of the “healthcare universe,” including redefining our value proposition, restructuring our service-oriented goals, and bringing our clinical and disease management expertise to the forefront of the healthcare consciousness.

Designed by the innovators at LiveAbility, HomeSight was specifically created to meet agency needs now and into the future. The HomeSight Model is unique, in that it helps agencies enhance performance in a variety of key areas:

  • HomeSight facilitates competitive differentiation in today’s red ocean of traditional home care referral sources;
  • HomeSight provides opportunity to cultivate prosperous relationships with untapped referral sources in the blue ocean of ophthalmology;
  • HomeSight contributes substantial human value to those living with vision loss by restoring a sense of hope and independence.

Furthermore, the HomeSight Model fosters agency innovation and clinical excellence, in addition to helping providers discover new ways to convey the home care value proposition. In the section below, we outline the ways in which the HomeSight Model empowers providers to excel simultaneously across multiple domains:

Affect Strategic Initiatives

Strategic planning is essential - An effective plan to manage your agency’s growth and excellence is a must in the changing healthcare environment. The HomeSight Model is unique in that it positively affects virtually every aspect of your agency, from Clinical Clinical Excellence to Product Innovation. If your strategic plan includes optimizing financial and operational performance while enhancing patient quality of care, HomeSight will be an effective strategic partner in facilitating these goals for you.

Enhance Clinical Excellence

When agencies add a specialty program to the existing suite of services, they immediately begin the process of increasing clinical competency and improving clinical quality.  A highly specialized program, HomeSight fosters specialized expertise among the treatment team, increases patient satisfaction, and more.  Furthermore, the program adds a new dimension to current clinical programs by delivering a systematized method of assessing and treating patients with functional deficits associated with low vision. The result is clinical excellence.

Encourage Innovation

By constantly improving what we do for our patients, we can also continually improve how we do it. A fundamental element of success, innovation is at the core of the HomeSight Model.  The program has mastered the art of caring for low vision patients, thereby minimizing adverse events associated with this unique patient population, enhancing quality of service, increasing agency financial performance and much more.  Beyond the HomeSight program, innovation tends to have a cascading effect - Once you begin to experience what innovation can do, you’ll be encouraged and motivated to seek out more innovative “blue ocean” opportunities. Thus, the HomeSight Model becomes pivotal by encouraging, fostering and furthering innovation in the home health environment. 

Empower Implementation and Integration

Designed to empower provider organizations, the HomeSight Model was specifically created to help agencies successfully launch an integrated low vision rehabilitation program. The HomeSight Certification Kit includes a variety of leading tools, including:

  • Step-by-Step instructions for launch, training, operational considerations and much more
  • Digital program manual
  • Comprehensive training for nurses, therapists, marketers and administrative staff
  • The HomeSight eStore, offering pre-designed marketing collateral ready for public dissemination in your local market
  • The HomeSight Knowledge Library, offering newsletters, QuickTips, Whitepapers and additional educational resources
  • The proprietary Pathways for Independence: Therapy and Nursing “I” Guides filled with over 12 years of low vision treatment and rehabilitation protocols, the first ever, for the home health environment.

Did You Know?Become a Certified Provider

  • Whether your agency is a veteran in aging-in-place or looking to carve out a new position, HomeSight-certified agencies are recognized as the innovators of today and tomorrow. It’s easy to get started – contact us today!