Powerful Patient Statement

"You have made me a whole person again. For this and everything you have done and everything you gave me, I say "thank you" and I am grateful. God bless all of you. My heartfelt thanks to the total staff for all of the assistance. They have taken me out of the gutter and put me at the top of the ladder. Because of their capable assistance, I know I will be whole again. Maybe not totally, but almost. I am going to survive. God bless you all so you may touch many more lives as you have touched me".
-- Mrs. Joseph

What our Clients are Saying

"We chose to implement the HomeSight program because it has consistently demonstrated improved patient outcomes and it is backed by more than 12 years of clinical research and experience"
--Nancy Deming, RN, BSHA
VNA Northwest Executive Director

"I see the benefits of the HomeSight Program not just as a Home Health Agency owner, but as a physical therapist. We are very excited to have the HomeSight team join our RehabFocus Home Health Team! It will allow us to serve a whole new group of patients."
-- Jack O’Sullivan, PT, Owner
Rehab Focus Home Health

"As part of Alternate Solutions strategic imperatives, we have focused on the organic growth of our agencies through specialty programs. Alternate Solutions has developed and branded our low vision rehabilitation program through the HomeSight® Program. Our Sight-Assist® Low Vision Program continues to grow market share and produce unique referrals for our agencies."
-- Tessie Ganzsarto, Owner
Alternate Solutions Home Care

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  • Whether your agency is a veteran in aging-in-place or looking to carve out a new position, HomeSight-certified agencies are recognized as the innovators of today and tomorrow. It’s easy to get started – contact us today!